Proprius Records Audiophile Best (2016)

Traditional, Brown, Gershwin, Reger, Vogler, Schumann, Poulenc, Franck, McHugh, Dupre, Fabri II, Mozart, Riedel, Scheidt, Hefti, Olofsson

Oscar's Motet Choir, Uppsala Academic Chamber Choir, Drottningholms Barockensemble, Mikaeli Kammer and the Kor Jazz Group

Leif Strand, Torsten Nilsson, Anders Eby, Stefan Skold, Per-Anders Sjoberg

In an advertisement for Proprius some years ago, Proprius founder Jacob Boëthius wrote: “A small record company can’t afford to put out bad discs. And you, the music lover, must be confident that what you buy is good”. He was aware that, in the final analysis, quality is what counts with regard to clients, record buyers, artists and sound engineers. This statement is mirrored totally in the 2xHD philosophy.
Proprius Records has always produced some of the most lifelike and incredibly realistic-sounding recordings available; from the mid-seventies on, it became pretty obvious to audiophiles that just about everything released by the label was a treasured commodity. With every recent advance in technology over the last couple of decades, these most highly regarded and sought-after recordings have been rereleased with regularity; most everyone out there has probably gladly bought them several times over in several different formats.
Now remastered in the optimum resolution from the original analog tapes - using the 2xHD proprietary system - the two audiophile labels, Proprius and 2xHD share an incomparable desire to reproduce and present the highest quality and most emotional listening experience

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Rolf Lindblom

Rolf Lindblom began his pianist’s career as a jazz musician, forming his own trio. After studying to be soloist and teacher of piano at the Stockholm College of Music, he continued his education in the piano under Professor Stina Sundell. Apart from classical works, contemporary Swedish music makes up a significant part of his repertoire (v. Pentatyk - works by Rosenberg and de Frumerie). 

In recent years he has gained attention and critical appreciation as accompanist to soloists such as Gise la May, Torsten Pollinger, Erik Saedén and Margareta Hallin (with the latter he won the Swedish Grammophone Prize 1981 for the record "Love Child"— songs with texts by Heidenstam). 

As a composer Rolf Lindblom has created music for TV- and other films. He has also written several children’s musicals.

Torvald Toren

Torvald Torén, born in 1945, has studied at the Swedish Royal College of Music in Stockholm under Stine Sundell (piano) and Gotthard Arnér (organ). He has received a Church Musician Diploma and Soloist Diplomas for both organ and piano. He has as well pursued studies abroad under Flor Peeters in Belgium and during several periods, under Maurice Duruflé in France.
Torvald Torén is organist at the Hedvif Eleonora Church in Stockholm and has given concerts at many places in Sweden and abroad. He has made several radio appearances and in his programs he has paid special attention to French organ music, recording for instance in 1977 the complete works

Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble

Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble (also known as DBE) was formed by violist Lars Brolin in 1971. The six original musicians set out to record 1600s and 1700s music on period instruments. Today, the number of members has grown and it is presently an orchestra of strings, brass, percussion and timpani. Concert Masters for the ensemble are violinist Nils-Erik Sparf, who is also first violinist in Uppsala Chamber Soloists, and Stefan Lindvall, who is a freelance musician with Norway, Sweden and Denmark as base. 

Through the years, DBE had the opportunity to work and touring in several countries and continents including the USA, China, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and Japan. Many famous performers and conductors have chosen to collaborate with the ensemble. In Sweden, concerts have been arranged with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and the Bach Choir. Global artist collaborations include conductors Christopher Hogwood, Andrew Parrott, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Sigiswald Kuijken, Emmanuelle Haim and Alfredo Bernardini and soloists Anne Sofie von Otter, Malena and Emma Kirkby. Since 2006 the ensemble has partnered with soprano Barbara Hendricks. This cooperation has so far resulted in three recordings and numerous tours in France, Morocco and Japan. 

Some 60 recordings have been made by DBE on the BIS, EMI, Musica Svecia and Naxos labels with works by Bach, Handel, Telemann and Roman to name a few. The recording of Vivaldi's "The Seasons" became internationally recognized and chosen as the best recording of the work in the prestigious German magazine Audio. 
Since 2005 Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble own concert series with about 6 concerts per year. Through the years, both the different configurations of the DBE as a large number of visiting groups and soloists participated. From 2010, the series is a collaboration with the Engelbrecht church in Stockholm. 

Since 2005 Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble's own concert series has included about six concerts a year. Through the years, both the different configurations of the DBE as a large number of visiting groups and soloists participated. In 2011 the ensemble celebrated its 40th anniversary with three festive concerts, where both barockoboisten Alfredo Bernardini composer Carl Unander-Scharin were on the program."

Ad Libitum Choir

Formed in 2005  Ad Libitum is an auditioned amateur choir of about 25 voices performing in central London. We perform a varied repertoire of both sacred and secular music from the sixteenth century to the present day.  In 2012 we performed our first commissioned work by UK composer Russell Hepplewhite. The choir also undertakes overseas tours, having recently made festival appearances in France and Guernsey.

Mikaeli Chamber Choir

The Mikaeli Chamber Choir was founded in 1970. The founder was Anders Eby, which since its inception has been the choir's conductor and artistic director. The musical goal of the choir has always been to perform music that it that feels is musically exciting, which has made the choir's field of activity very wide. 

The choir performs in the Adolf Fredrik Church in Stockholm, Sweden. Their repertoire is equally sacred and non-sacred. It encompasses both the major works for Chorus and Orchestra as well as the music of dramatic works, folk music and 21st Century compositions. Over time, the choir's focus has been to perform major contemporary a cappella works.

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Proprius Records Audiophile Best (2016)

Traditional, Brown, Gershwin, Reger, Vogler, Schumann, Poulenc, Franck, McHugh, Dupre, Fabri II, Mozart, Riedel, Scheidt, Hefti, Olofsson

Oscar's Motet Choir, Uppsala Academic Chamber Choir, Drottningholms Barockensemble, Mikaeli Kammer and the Kor Jazz Group

Analog Recording Equipment: 1/4" 15 IPS - Nagra T modified
Digital Converters: Horus / Hapi
Editing Software: Pyramix
Mastering Engineer: René Laflamme
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD256

This album was recorded to Analog tape. It was then transferred to the DSD bit rate indicated above.

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813543022336: Proprius Records Audiophile Best
05:07:24   Select quality & channels above
Som fagelen vid ljusan dag (arr. L. Strand)
00:01:53   Select quality & channels above
My Only Son (arr. G. Fristorp and L. Strand)
00:04:08   Select quality & channels above
Lady, be Good! - Oh, lady, be good!
00:09:33   Select quality & channels above
Schlichte Weisen, Op. 76: No. 52. Maria vuggesang (Maria Wiegenlied)
00:03:13   Select quality & channels above
Hosianna, Davids son (Hosanna, Son of David)
00:02:31   Select quality & channels above
Kinderszenen (Scenes of Childhood), Op. 15 - No. 7. Traumerei (Dreaming)
00:04:33   Select quality & channels above
Les soirees de Nazelles, FP 84 - Preambule
00:03:28   Select quality & channels above
Panis angelicus
00:05:06   Select quality & channels above
Exactly Like You
00:08:23   Select quality & channels above
Symphonie-Passion, Op. 23: I. Le monde dans l'attente du Sauveur
00:06:19   Select quality & channels above
Laudate pueri Dominum
Fabri II
00:05:08   Select quality & channels above
Requiem in D Minor, K. 626, Introit - Requiem aeternam
00:02:44   Select quality & channels above
Mini-requiem - Medium Love
00:03:25   Select quality & channels above
Suite for Strings
00:08:19   Select quality & channels above
Lil' Darling
00:04:34   Select quality & channels above
Fabodpsalm fran alvdalen
00:03:34   Select quality & channels above

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